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Your House Has Not Sold. Now What?

Posted by Tammee McVey // November 17, 2017

House didn't sell

You have heard that this is a “seller’s market,” but—YOUR house has not sold yet. When you need to sell your house—whether to relieve financial burden or another reason—it can be frustrating with each day that goes by with it still on the market. “Houses that have been on the market for quite some time […]

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Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Posted by Tammee McVey // October 18, 2017

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Now that the heat of summer is fading and you are starting to pull out sweatshirts more than shorts, it is time to check on a few things around the house that will make winter more pleasant—and could prevent some unpleasant surprises next spring. Class Act Property Solutions recommends acting on these fall home maintenance […]

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7 Simple Tips for Selling Your Home—Faster!

Posted by Tammee McVey // September 15, 2017

Selling Your Home Faster

7 simple tips for selling your home faster – home buyers will be most interested in buying your home during the first few weeks that it is on the market, so you need to get prepared and hit the ground running! In addition to hiring a good real estate agent, pricing your home right and […]

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