Summer Heat May Adversely Affect Your Home’s Foundation

Posted by Tammee McVey // August 15, 2018

We all know that the hot summer temperatures can affect one’s physical health.  Hot weather can also impact the “health” of a home’s foundation, and affect the structural integrity of a house.  Hot temperatures lead to dry soil, which can contribute to a house settling.  The settling of the home can lead to cracks in […]

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Don’t Lose Your Cool This Summer

Posted by Tammee McVey // June 16, 2018

As temperatures increase this season, the air conditioning works harder—which not only taxes your system but also increases your energy bill! However, there are things that can prevent you from losing your cool this summer—helping both your HVAC system and your bank account. Class Act Property Solutions recommends following these simple tips for keeping costs […]

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Selling a Home in the Spring

Posted by Tammee McVey // April 25, 2018

Selling Real Estate in Kansas City in the Spring

The ideal time to try to sell a home is in the Spring, but what if your house is in terrible disrepair? Sometimes homeowners find themselves in a situation where they don’t know what course of action to take because of the condition of the property.  The Kansas City real estate market has been a […]

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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Contractor

Posted by Tammee McVey // February 19, 2018

Questions to ask when hiring a contractor.

Do you know what questions to ask when hiring a contractor? When you are getting ready to renovate your home, hiring the right contractor could make the difference in your home project being a success—or a nightmare. And, because renovations are a significant financial investment, knowing what you can expect from a contractor before your […]

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The Ultimate Christmas Gift—A New Home!

Posted by Tammee McVey // December 18, 2017

Buy a new home on Christmas

Home buyers often assume that spring and summer are the best times to buy a home. While it is true that many buyers plan their new home purchase during the warmer months of the year, that does not mean that shopping for a home purchase in the winter—yes, even on Christmas Day—is out of the […]

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Your House Has Not Sold. Now What?

Posted by Tammee McVey // November 17, 2017

House didn't sell

You have heard that this is a “seller’s market,” but—YOUR house has not sold yet. When you need to sell your house—whether to relieve financial burden or another reason—it can be frustrating with each day that goes by with it still on the market. “Houses that have been on the market for quite some time […]

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Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Posted by Tammee McVey // October 18, 2017

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Now that the heat of summer is fading and you are starting to pull out sweatshirts more than shorts, it is time to check on a few things around the house that will make winter more pleasant—and could prevent some unpleasant surprises next spring. Class Act Property Solutions recommends acting on these fall home maintenance […]

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7 Simple Tips for Selling Your Home—Faster!

Posted by Tammee McVey // September 15, 2017

Selling Your Home Faster

7 simple tips for selling your home faster – home buyers will be most interested in buying your home during the first few weeks that it is on the market, so you need to get prepared and hit the ground running! In addition to hiring a good real estate agent, pricing your home right and […]

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So, You Inherited a Home. Now What?

Posted by Tammee McVey // August 16, 2017

Options for an inherited home.

It is a fact that, at some point in time, many of us will receive that phone call. The call that announces a death. Not just any death—a death in the family. And perhaps, among the sadness and grief, you also find out that you have inherited a home from the deceased. What are you […]

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Chi-town, here I am!!

Posted by Tammee McVey // July 12, 2017

Chicago at last!  I am a member of FortuneBuilders Mastery, which is a national network of real estate investors.  We meet periodically in various locations across the United States to continue our real estate education.  One of our Core Values is our commitment to personal growth, and we strongly believe in the importance of continuing […]

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